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The SPOTLIGHT” series is a set of virtual conversations. These “conversations” will focus on a specific Parkinson’s treatment, drug or device and will be sponsored by the company that produces the product.  The speakers will be trusted, well-regarded, thought-leaders, physicians, and researchers in their field. They will present information and take questions at the end of their presentation. These Spotlight programs are intended to provide answers and information for you from experts in the field, including physicians.   Physician presenters have been trained by pharmaceutical firms in the use of specific medications/treatments.  

SPOTLIGHT is another way MAPS provides opportunities to learn from the expert physicians who believe in the treatments and use it with their patients. Just so you know - when we host a “SPOTLIGHT” every slide is FDA approved and the physicians will be paid for their time. ...not by MAPS but by the pharmaceutical company whose product they have learned about, prescribed, and believe in.  

Our regular “Conversations with  Doc” series will continue and the “Spotlight” series is another learning educational opportunity and as Carol Rogers, a widow of a Parkinson patient, says: “It’s putting so much more information out there for all of us and that’s a good thing.”
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